ToogleBox Installation Video Tutorial

Learn how to install ToogleBox

If you are a Super Admin, you can easily install ToogleBox from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Simply follow the instructions on this video.

Email signature designing tutorial

Design your corporate email signature with ToogleBox

Learn how to use our designing tool for your email signature and apply it to all your employees in just one click!

First steps with ToogleBox blog article

If you are new to ToogleBox

Let us guide you on the first steps to be taken when using ToogleBox for the first time.

How to update employee information with ToogleBox blog article

Want to easily update your employee's information?

Be able to massively update your employees' information using our Mass Account Insert & Update feature.

Blog article about mistakes to avoid when using ToogleBox

Avoid these mistakes when
using ToogleBox!

Here's a step-by-step guide you can follow to avoid making mistakes when using ToogleBox.

Blog article about automating distribution lists creation

Automate the process of Distribution Lists creation

Instead of using Google Groups to create the distribution lists, ToogleBox allows you to select grouping parameters and start a task that will automatically generate all the associated groups at the same time.

Video tutorial of Data Control

How to use our new Data Control features!

Learn how to take fully advantage of our Data Control features. Ensure the quality of your employee's data in their Google profiles.

Signature Tutorial Image

Centralize your corporate signature

Take advantage of this powerful tool that can help you create brand awareness and standardize the signature

Recall Use Case Video

This is the REAL UNDO

Don't worry about sending an email to the wrong person. Check out how our email Recall feature can help you recover it.

Dynamic Groups Use Case Video

Manage your Google Groups
like a pro!

Don't lose time sharing files and folders each time you start a new project or hire someone new . Let ToogleBox handle it.

Blog Article: Problems ToogleBox Solves

What problems does ToogleBox solve?

When you consider using a product like ToogleBox in your business, the most crucial question is what problems it will solve.

Blog article about education tools with ToogleBox

Education is key! You know it, and ToogleBox knows it too!

ToogleBox is the right tool to enhance Google Workspace for Education functionalities. Also, we have special pricing for Education.

Presentation about most common use cases of ToogleBox

Learn about our most common use cases

And we are very sure that you can relate to some of them, check it out!

Data access use case video

Data accessibility for end-users is very helpful when used properly

Watch this video for an example of valuable moments where this feature came at handy!

Data access use case video

Keep handy this common challenges faced by organizations using Google Workspace

Don't waste time searching! Get the best our ToogleBox cheat sheet for quick and easy Google Workspace solutions.

ArkiveBox Installation Video

How to Install ArkiveBox

Archiving emails will save you space and money!

ArkiveBox characteristics presentation

ArkiveBox Guide

Click to learn more about ArkiveBox!

Blog article relating TTST success story with ArkiveBox

TTST success story with ArkiveBox

Learn about how TSTT archived more than a thousand accounts

Blog article about why is it useful to archive emails

Why should emails be archived?

These are 4 reasons why it is highly recommended to do so.

One Pager

Email Deletion Icon

Email Deletion

Email Recall Icon

Email Recall

eDiscovery Icon


Account Review and Update Icon

Account Review & Update

Icon for Mass Account & Insert Update Feature in ToogleBox

Mass Account Insert & Update

Icon for Organizational Unit Management Feature

Organizational Unit Management

Internal Contacts Auto Sync

External Contacts Auto Sync

External Contacts Manual Update

Unwanted Contacts Search & Deletion

Supplemental Fields

This is the data types icon contained in the descriptive card

Data Type

This is the valid values icon contained in the descriptive card

Valid Values

This is the Data Access for ToogleBox users  icon contained in the descriptive card

Data Access for ToogleBox Users

Data Access for End Users

Dynamic Group Management

This is the email signature icon contained in the descriptive card

Email Signature

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