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Email Signature Management

Leave a lasting professional impression with every sent email, ensuring consistency and reinforcing brand identity. Standardize and centralize your corporate email signature

Standardize all the employee's email signatures

Design a template

Create a unified, professional  signature template that consistently reflects your brand's identity. Different templates may be created for different groups of users

Enrich your template

Add user info fields, images, clickable links, and engaging CTAs like newsletter subscriptions. Customize for festive seasons, holidays, and more!

Activate the signature and set the daily enforcement time

When the signature is ready it must be activated. You should also define at what time the signatures will be updated on a daily basis.

Elevate your email signature

Promote Events
Use your signature to promote upcoming events, certifications, or awards.
Holiday Customization
Customize your signature for important dates and holidays, adding a personal touch.
Strengthen Branding
Reinforce your company's branding, leaving a consistent and professional mark.
Include links for easy newsletter and webinar subscriptions.

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