March 9, 2022
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Beware of the 5 most common mistakes made when using ToogleBox

There are some common mistakes made by Superadmins when using ToogleBox. As a consequence, they sometimes get the wrong impression of ToogleBox's scope and benefits. Understanding how ToogleBox really works can help Superadmins prevent those mistakes and make the most of ToogleBox's tools to improve Google Workspace functionalities. This article describes those mistakes and includes some recommendations to avoid them.

There are some common mistakes Super Admins make when they start using ToogleBox.  As a consequence, they sometimes get a distorted impression of ToogleBox's scope and benefits.  Understanding how ToogleBox really works can help them prevent those mistakes and therefore be able to complement and improve Google Workspace functionalities.

Following is a list of the five most common mistakes we have identified:

1. Supposing the trial ends 14 days after the installation date and not 14 days after trying the first feature.

As of today, some products available on the market start counting their trial from the day of installation. We believe this is not accurate since the trial really starts when testing the first service. Furthermore, we offer the option to schedule a demo in order to guide the customer on planning the tasks to be executed during the trial period.  We encourage our customers to start testing the services as soon as they install ToogleBox from the Google Workspace Marketplace to take advantage of this 14-day free trial.

2. When trying to delete an email sent to a group of users, some Super Admins think they should use the Recall feature for every end-user who received the email. Instead, they should use the search/delete functionality available to the Super Admin to massively delete all the emails right away.

It is very important to differentiate between these two functionalities. Our Recall feature allows every end-user to "undo" their own sent emails when being sent to the wrong recipients or including mistaken or missing information. It is an individual action where each end-user has control over their own actions. On the other hand, when using email search and deletion, the Super Admin has the ability to perform a domain-wide search to detect harmful emails and permanently delete them if needed.  It is a much more powerful tool limited to the Super Admin or any authorized user.

3. Thinking the service is not working as expected when trying to Recall or delete an external email.

It is very important to understand that it is impossible to delete emails once they have been delivered to a mail service that does not belong to your organization. Therefore, it is technically impossible (and illegal) to recall or delete external emails.  However, external email recipients are identified and highlighted after the search process is finished. This may be valuable when performing an investigation to identify who received those emails.

Besides, the recall may be authorized among the different subdomains in a multi-domain environment. In addition, if there is a corporation with multiple independent domains, if all those domains are using ToogleBox, the recall feature can also be authorized among them.

4. Failing to understand why the Recall service is not working after installing the Recall add-on.

Once you install the recall add-on, the next step should be to activate the service on the Configuration Gear option Domain Services. Even though some ToogleBox services are activated by default when installing it from the Google Workspace Marketplace, the Recall needs to be activated by the Super Admin (turning the green switch on) and configured according to the company policies (who can Recall, send-recall time, domains configuration).

5. Forgetting to add authorized users for specific ToogleBox services. 

When ToogleBox is installed, the only person with access is the Super Admin. To give access to other persons inside the company, the Super Admin should add them as ToogleBox admins. Different predefined roles can be assigned to each authorized user, such as Signature Administrator, User Account Administrator, and payer. Customized roles can also be created if needed.  Only after being added as ToogleBox admins these authorized users will be able to start using those services.

After explaining these common mistakes, we encourage you to try our services again. You can also ask for support on our website or email us at 

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