Terms of Service Agreement

Please read the following Terms of Service Agreement carefully. By accessing or using these services, you hereby agree to be bound by the Terms and all Terms incorporated herein by reference. The user, customer, or prospective customer, must read the Terms and Conditions before using these services. Please do not access or use these services if you do not expressly agree to all of the Terms and Conditions. 

This Terms of Service Agreement is effective as of January 31,2021

The following Terms of Service Agreement (the "TOS") is a legally binding agreement that shall govern the relationship with individuals who may interact with sites and services of ISP Cloud Services Inc. DBA ToogleBox, also referred to herein as ISPCS, located at 2333 Brickell Ave, Suite H-1, Miami, FL 33129 and its subsidiaries and affiliates, in association with the use of
ToogleBox (formerly known as FORIGOTRON) and its “Services,” which shall be defined below. 

ToogleBox is a GCP-based SaaS application (i.e. a software-as-a-service application based on Google Cloud Platform). It includes a group of services related to the management of Google Workspace’s emails, contacts, account validation and updating, group generation, and signature generation, as described below:

* Email Recall for End-Users - Ordinary users can recall sent emails on their own. No need to ask an admin for help
* Email Search & Deletion - Superadmins can search all their domain users' emails and delete them. The deletion function is powerful and precise. All actions are properly registered in a searchable log.
* e-Discovery - Review email content for electronic investigations
* ToogleBoard - For internal communications, important messages, and reminders without sending emails.
* Signature Management - Enforce a corporate signature by Domain, Org Unit, or Individual.
* Mass Account Insert & Update - Review and update End-user account info.
* Supplemental Fields - Configure additional Google Directory categories and fields.
* Valid Values - Establish valid values for Google users' data.
* Data Types - Set data types to validate Google users' data.
* Organizational Unit Management - For organizational unit mass update.
* Shared Contacts - Easily manage shared external contacts
* Dynamic Group Generation - Generate groups based on Google Workspace standard fields, custom attributes or supplemental fields.
* Manual Group Generation - Update Google Groups and their members using CSV uploads.

The Services are hosted on Google Cloud Platform and are provided through applications that are the sole property of ISPCS.

ISPCS may offer additional services and/or products, or update, modify or revise any current content and services. This TOS shall apply to any and all other services and/or products and any and all updated, modified, or revised services unless otherwise stipulated. ISPCS does hereby reserve the right to cancel and cease offering any of the aforementioned services and/or products.

For the purpose of this TOS, any and all visitors to tooglebox.com, regardless of being registered or not, shall be deemed as "users" of the Services.

An individual registering for ToogleBox Services by installing and activating it shall be considered a "Domain Administrator."

All domains for which a Domain Administrator activates the Services shall be considered “Reachable Domains.” You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Services are provided and made available only to Reachable Domains.

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the Services are based on Google Cloud Platform and Google Workplace. As such, ISPCS shall not assume any responsibility or obligation for the timeliness, missed delivery, and/or any failure of the Services due to the unavailability or failure of Google Cloud Platform or Google Workspace.

You acknowledge, accept, and agree that ISPCS shall not be held liable for any updates, modifications, revisions, suspensions, or discontinuance of any of the Services and/or products. The continued use of the Services after such posting of any updates, changes, and/or modifications shall constitute acceptance of such updates, changes, and/or modifications, and frequent review of this Agreement and any and all applicable terms and policies should be made to ensure awareness of all terms and policies currently in effect.

To register, install, and become a Domain Administrator of the Services, you must have “full administrative rights” in the Google Workplace Admin console of the domains for which the Services are to be activated.

ToogleBox may collect information such as name, e-mail address, and contact phone number. Once Domain Administrators register in ToogleBox and sign in to the Services, they are no longer anonymous.

Access to ToogleBox is granted only by default to Domain Administrators and to other authorized users named and controlled by the Domain Administrators.

Email messages, users and contacts, and other information are accessible only to Domain Administrators and their authorized users of each Reachable Domain and to other administrators named through the Configuration Panel of ToogleBox.

Only Domain Administrators have access to the Configuration Panel of ToogleBox.

ISPCS shall not lay claim to ownership of information in the Reachable Domains, nor make such information available outside the Reachable Domains.

The Services will not directly modify the contents of Google Vault or any other backup or discovery service.

All users and administrators must have a Google account and will be authenticated by Google. Users and administrators are responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of their passwords and for all activities that transpire on or within their accounts. It is their responsibility for any act or omission of any users that access their account information that, if undertaken by them, would be deemed a violation of the TOS. It shall be their responsibility to notify ISPCS immediately if they notice any unauthorized access, use of their account or password, or any other security breach. ISPCS shall not be held liable for any loss and/or damage arising from failure to comply with this term and/or any condition of the TOS.

ISPCS herein reserves the right to access, preserve and/or disclose account information if it is requested by law or in good faith belief that any such action is deemed reasonably necessary for the enforcement of the TOS or responding to requests for customer service.
ToogleBox provides a “Contact us” service for you to contribute feedback. When you submit ideas, documents, suggestions, and/or proposals ("Contributions"), you acknowledge and agree that:

* Contributions do not contain any type of confidential or proprietary information;
* ISPCS shall not be liable or under any obligation to ensure or maintain confidentiality, expressed or implied, related to any Contributions;
* ISPCS shall be entitled to make use of and/or disclose any such Contributions in any such manner as it may see fit;
* Contributions shall automatically become the sole property of ISPCS;
* ISPCS is under no obligation to either compensate or provide any form of reimbursement in any manner or nature.
You herein agree to insure and hold ISPCS, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, employees, officers, partners, and/or licensors blameless or not liable for any claim or demand, which may include, but is not limited to, reasonable attorney fees made by any third party which may arise from any email messages, users and contacts, and other information you may audit, inspect, track, delete, erase, or otherwise manipulate through the Services, your violations of the Terms of Service and/or your violation of any such rights of another person.
You herein agree not to replicate, duplicate, copy, trade, sell, resell nor exploit for any commercial reason any part, use of, or access to ISPCS's services.
ISPCS shall reserve the right, at any time it may deem fit, to modify, alter and or temporarily discontinue the Services, or any part thereof, with or without prior notice. In addition, ISPCS shall not be held liable for any such alteration, modification, suspension, and/or discontinuance of the Services or any part thereof.
You may cancel or terminate the Services by uninstalling ToogleBox through the Google Workplace Admin console if you are a Domain Administrator and have “full administrative rights” in the Google Workplace Admin console of the domains for which the Services are to be terminated.

You agree that ISPCS may suspend, terminate, discontinue and/or limit an account, and access to any of the Services without prior written notice. The cause for such termination, discontinuance, suspension, and/or limitation of access shall include but is not limited to:
* any breach or violation of this TOS or any other incorporated agreement, regulation, and/or guideline;
* by way of requests from law enforcement or any other governmental agencies;
* the discontinuance, alteration, and/or material modification to the Services, or any part thereof;
* unexpected technical or security issues and/or problems;
*any engagement in any fraudulent or illegal activities; and/or
* the nonpayment of any associated fees that may be owed in connection with the Services.

You herein agree that any terminations, suspensions, discontinuances, and/or limitations of access shall be made at ISPCS’s discretion and that it shall not be liable to you, other users, administrators, or any other third party concerning the termination of the Services.
You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Services and any essential software used in connection with the Services contain proprietary and confidential material protected by applicable intellectual property rights and other laws.
You herein acknowledge, understand, and agree, unless otherwise expressly provided in this TOS, that there shall be no third-party beneficiaries to this TOS.
You herein acknowledge, understand, and agree that all of the ISP Cloud Services Inc. trademarks, copyright, trade name, service marks, and other logos and any brand features and/or product and service names are trademarks and, as such, are and shall remain the property of ISPCS. You herein agree not to display and/or use the ISPCS’ logos or brand features in any manner without obtaining prior written consent from ISPCS.