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A secure platform built for Google Workspace management

The must-have platform to simplify, automate and improve Google Workspace functionalities and administration.
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The must-have platform for Google Workspace

ToogleBox was created as a solution to address the challenges faced by Google Workspace Super Admins. We developed a premium and secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product completely based on specific customer needs. ToogleBox automates most of the manual processes when working with Google Workspace functionalities and includes additional features to improve the administrator experience.

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ToogleBox is the Best Platform for Google Workspace Administrators's Tasks

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are automating their tasks.
"We needed a signature tool that allowed us to continuously modify the templates based on our changing promotions. With ToogleBox, we reduced the time spent configuring the signatures from many days to just minutes."
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Luis García
Grupo Automundo
"The comprehensive induction received by the support staff, complemented by the curiosity that has always led me to explore new technological tools, allowed us to successfully perform these initiatives and plan new projects that we will begin to develop soon."
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Jean Omobono
"With more than 1000 employees' data stored in VFE licenses, knowing they would be deprecated was terrible news! That's when we heard about ArkiveBox and decided to use it as our archiving service. I would like to give a hearty thank you to the ToogleBox Team for the effort and support in achieving this deliverable."
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Satisha Sonny
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago