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Recover or delete unwanted emails

Email phishing attacks only succeed if end-users click on suspicious links or fraudulent images. ToogleBox is the perfect tool for Super Admins to delete harmful emails and prevent their damaging effect immediately.

You can enable employees to recover their internal emails on their own. ToogleBox lets authorized admins inspect emails' content when performing an electronic investigation.
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Take your email signature to the next level

All employees should leave a professional and consistent impression every time they send an email. With ToogleBox, you can transform every email interaction into a valuable opportunity to implement marketing initiatives.
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Ensure the quality & enrich your data

Save time by not having to review and correct your employees' data. ToogleBox will validate the correctness and completeness of your employees' data to ensure its reliability, consistency, and accuracy.

Data enrichment is key to better decision-making across the organization.
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Automate your distribution list creation

Creating distribution lists and keeping them up-to-date is essential to reach the right employees at the right time, ensuring efficient communication. Making them with Google Groups is a manual and tedious process. With ToogleBox, you can automatically generate and keep updated your distribution lists.
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Massively update your employees information

A crucial step for taking advantage of ToogleBox features is updating all the relevant information in the Google employees' profiles. ToogleBox allows massive information updates and the possibility to include additional fields using Supplemental Fields.
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Easily delete contacts from your ex-employees

Maintain your address-books up to date. Automate the process of deleting contacts corresponding to former employees and updating renamed or reassigned accounts. Users' address books will seamlessly be kept in sync with the Google Workspace Directory. Experience the convenience and accuracy of a good contact management service to optimize your directory and improve communication efficiency.
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Share contacts with your co-workers

Let ToogleBox be your contact-sharing tool! ToogleBox allows configuring external domains to be in sync with your Directory. Moreover, external contacts such as customers or vendors can also be uploaded as shared contacts.
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