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Your first steps with ToogleBox!

If you are a Google Workspace Superadmin and want to use ToogleBox to complement security aspects and facilitate the automatization of administrative processes, then this article is for you!

ToogleBox must be installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace. At the top search bar, you can write either the name of our application or any of our functionalities - such as email recall.

The search process will return three results corresponding to the applications that must be installed. Firstly you must install the ToogleBox service by clicking on the blue button on the top right corner <<Admin Install>> and selecting the option <<Everyone at your organization>>. Subsequently, you will need to install the Email recall and the Toogleboard Bulletin Board add-ons. These icons will then appear in the rightward menu of the gmail interface, and all the end-users of your domain will be able to use them.

Once ToogleBox is installed, it is recommended to follow these steps:

1. Select the language you want to work with. (English, Spanish, Japanese or Portuguese).  Setting in the <<Languages>> drop-down on the top right bar of the home page.

2. Activate the services that will be used on your domain. Go to <<Settings>> and select the Services/Domain option, where you will see a list of all the services with an associated button that must be green (turned on) to use it.

3. Add (if necessary) other users as ToogleBox administrators and assign them a specific role. This is done from the <<Settings>> option, selecting the Manage Administrators option. You can even add people outside the company domain and assign them specific roles.

4. When having a multi-domain environment, you must add each of the other domains from the <<Add a domain>> panel at the top right bar of the Homepage by clicking on the + icon.

These simple steps will ensure a better initial experience with ToogleBox.


If you need more help you can watch this installation tutorial on our Youtube channel to get started with ToogleBox.

You can always contact us to schedule a demo to learn more about ToogleBox features.

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