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What problems does ToogleBox solve?

When you consider using a product like ToogleBox in your business, the most crucial question is what problems it will solve. In our increasingly tech-driven business environments, there are countless tools and applications that are built to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and offer new functions. This is generally a good thing, but there are now so many products of this nature they can amount to clutter. Ideally, you want to limit your exposure to tools that solve real problems and improve your operations in noteworthy and significant ways.

So with that said, what problem does ToogleBox solve?

1. Standardizing & Centralizing Corporate Signature

Those who aren’t involved in businesses, or who might just be getting started, may look at signatures on emails as relatively insignificant features. The truth of the matter, however, is that the importance of a corporate email signature goes well beyond signing emails. It is actually a part of brand identity, and effectively a form of branding and marketing. We see it as an opportunity to promote social media accounts, list relevant awards or certifications, include banners with promotions or registration for events, and so on according to any given business's needs. The signature should always maintain the corporate brand, but it should all be adjustable according to the needs of the moment. Accordingly, companies often recognize the potential benefits of standardizing and centralizing corporate signatures so as to establish continuity and reinforce branding. For this challenge, ToogleBox’s Signature Management feature offers a perfect solution.

2. Addressing Errant Emails

Regarding business-related emails in Google Workspace, one very common problem that companies of all sizes face is that of the occasional errant email. It sounds like a small mistake, but it can become a real problem if, say, payroll information is sent to the wrong recipient, or "reply all" is used accidentally when communication is meant to be private. For that matter, an errant email can also be one that goes to the correct recipient but contains incorrect information, such as the wrong time or date for a meeting. When a problem like this needs addressing, the Email Recall For End-Users feature at ToogleBox offers a fix by allowing end-users to recall internal emails and re-send them correctly. (Please note that this function does not apply to external emails!)

3. Compiling Complex Distribution Lists

Creating a single distribution list for email communication is easy enough through programs like Google groups. However, it's also a process that has to be done manually, which gets tricky when lists get longer. When things get more complex, it’s easy to make mistakes — to the point that there are even some corporate horror stories about distribution list mishaps bringing down entire email systems! So, what should you do if you’re working in a larger company and need to create precise distribution lists for different purposes? Technically you can slog through the process of doing it manually. But for a more efficient and accurate process, another option is to use ToogleBoxs Dynamic Group Management feature. This feature automatically assembles lists based on up to three criteria you're able to input. Furthermore, it will update lists when there are changes to the values of the employees (such as someone switching departments). Establishing clear, correct groups this way improves internal communication among employees, and by extension boosts productivity.

4. Managing Outdated Contacts

Another common problem in corporate email communication is that ex-employees often show up as suggested recipients — either for specific internal messages or within lists. To address the problem of outdated contacts appearing in suggestions though, you can take advantage of the Internal Contact Sync tool from ToogleBox. This tool essentially syncs internal contacts with the up-to-date contact directory, such that when an employee’s name is removed from the latter, he or she will no longer appear as a suggestion on any employees' address books or lists. Additionally, the tool will reassign generic addresses as needed (such that, for example, a general help desk email within a company handled by an ex-employee will now be associated with the employee who takes over the role).

To some extent, communications challenges like those discussed above are increasingly being addressed by people in leadership, management, and communication roles. As business places become ever more complex, we’ve seen steady migration toward college and online programs that prepare people for careers in managing offices, handling employee and project oversight, and so on. And among the specific roles, people fill after acquiring online degrees in organizational leadership include Administrative Director, Business Administrator, Office Manager, and even HR Manager — all of which can involve communication management and software oversight.

In other words, the increasing complexity of businesses is leading to an influx of trained people seeking management and administrative roles. In many cases, these same people will be able to assist with problems that arise with regard to communication and Google Workspace management. What’s important to recognize however is that a product like ToogleBox still makes these jobs easier and more effective. Even with someone in an office role to assist with software issues and internal communications, a tool of this nature will automate functions and hasten solutions in an invaluable way.

If that sounds like it may be useful for you and your business, we invite you to take a closer look at our services and give ToogleBox a try.

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by Jinette Briggs