January 17, 2023
Customer Testimonials

Take a look at how SFE standardized almost 400 employees' email signatures

"Once we had a phishing attack and ToogleBox helped us eliminate all those emails that are so harmful to the company. By simply creating a query with the right search parameters, we got a list of possible emails. We then selected the ones we wanted to delete and we resolved the issue quickly" - Jesús Castro Araya

Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado (SFE) is Costa Rica’s governmental authority in phytosanitary protection. It is a trusted institution recognized for its efficiency and credibility. Based on its values of human, citizen, and labor fulfillment, SFE regulates commercial activities related to import & export services for agricultural products. 

Since they migrated to Google Workspace five years ago, they have completed several projects to ensure a successful institutional-wide adoption. When an email standardization signature project was initiated, they were also implementing ToogleBox, making it the perfect time to start using this feature.

SFE had previously hired a branding company, so they already had approved the official institutional logos. Thus, with ToogleBox's technical staff's support, they quickly designed and applied their approved signature to all the institution's employees.

"The ease of modifying and applying different templates was the greatest benefit we obtained. In less than 5 minutes, it was possible to modify and massively apply a new signature to almost 400 employees." Jesús Castro Araya. Infrastructure, Networks and Servers

The signature standardization process was very well accepted. The employees were pleased with the advantages of having included their titles and assigned departments on their signatures, allowing them to facilitate communication with external people.

As the second part of this project, they plan to include different promotions, either of upcoming events or courses to be taught,  all under the coordination and supervision of the press department.

"We have also used ToogleBox to search and delete harmful emails. When any anomaly is reported, we immediately create a query with the specific search criteria and delete the unwanted emails." Jesús Castro Araya. Infrastructure, Networking, and Servers

SFE had known ToogleBox since its early beginnings when it was called Forigotron. In all these years, they have witnessed how the scope of its services has increased, making it a much more powerful tool.  At this time, they are planning to use new functionalities, such as automatic generation and update of dynamic distribution lists.