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Starting a Blog for your business - 101

When offering a product or service, being aware of its worthiness is different from letting others know why it’s worth it. Nowadays, companies must offer their clients valuable information about their identity, industry, and product to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Valuable content will attract people to visit your site. It will draw new visitors and maintain loyal and returning ones. the more people are engaged with and gaining knowledge about your brand, the more likely these visits will convert into sales.

Having a blog aims to continually add value by publishing informative, well-written articles created with strategy and customer engagement in mind. It will help your business grow online traffic, nurture and convert customers, keep current customers engaged, and increase demand and interest in your products or services.

When launching a blog, the company must have a strategy. First of all, you must ask yourself what you want to achieve from your blog. It is also essential to identify your target audience by thinking about whom you want to read your articles and what they want to read about.  Finally, there must be a person in charge of overseeing the blog activity, uploading the articles, and choosing the best method for promoting your blog.

Following are some additional helpful tips when starting your business’ blog:

- Use it to educate about your product or service 

- Write the headlines accurately in a way that describes the content they are about to read

- Make sure every blog post includes CTAs to inspire visitors to take action 

- Explain what your business can do to show potential clients what you can offer to them

- Finally, make sure to track and measure your results, and always keep older blogs refreshed with new data and links.

The power of having a blog is endless. It’s beneficial, no matter where your customers are in their customer’s journey!