March 17, 2023
Product News

When should I use Email Recall or Email Deletion?

Learn about the two different email features offered by ToogleBox related to massively deleting harmful emails and letting end-users recall their internal emails. ToogleBox is a platform that gathers various tools that enhance Google Workspace functionalities.

This article introduces two different email features offered by ToogleBox: massively harmful email deletion by the Super Admin and email recall by end-users. ToogleBox is a platform that gathers various tools that enhance Google Workspace functionalities.

Most companies work actively using email. Therefore, they sometimes get spam messages sent massively to many different email addresses on their domains; this is a well-known method for scammers to release phishing attacks via email. However, email phishing attacks only succeed if end-users click on suspicious links or fraudulent images. Favorably, ToogleBox has a specific service that lets the Super Admins delete those dangerous emails once detected to prevent further harmful effects.

Our Email Search & Deletion feature allows the domain administrator to search within the complete domain emails that meet specific criteria (date range, subject, texts, etc.), finding those emails even in the trash. ToogleBox inspects all mailboxes and creates a table with the results including the emails that correspond to the common pattern provided by the Super Admin. The Super Admin then analyses the results and selects the emails to be mass deleted. When the process finishes, the Super Admin will receive a report showing the instances of the searched and deleted emails in each account.

Sometimes we send an email and immediately realize we made a mistake. Fortunately, ToogleBox includes an Email Recall feature to help mitigate these errors.  In order to use the Email Recall feature, an Add-on must be installed in the Google Workspace Marketplace. The service should then be activated in the Domain Services option of the Configuration Panel (turning on the green button), and configured (maximum send-recall time lag and reach and limits of the recall action). It's important to note that for this functionality to work optimally, we recommend that the Super Admin allows ALL the end-users to use the service.

The email recall process works like this: the end-user selects the email he wants to recall and then selects the Recall add-on on the left menu and follows the prompts provided by the Add-on. The recalled emails will then be deleted from all the recipients' inboxes, and they will not be able to see it anymore.

To sum up, ToogleBox has two different email features to delete harmful emails: Email Search and Deletion, in which the Super Admin massively finds and deletes malicious emails, and Email Recall, in which every end-user can recall their internal emails. Therefore, next time your organization encounters any of the situations above, you just have to choose the feature that applies best to your case and use ToogleBox as your perfect ally to accomplish it!