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How to automate your Distribution List creation

What are they?

A Distribution List contains a group of email addresses to whom communication should be sent. Distribution Lists provide an easy way to send messages to a group of people without having to enter each recipient's email address.

What are they used for?

Using distribution lists improves communication among employees. It guarantees that every person receives the appropriate messages, creating better work links within the team.

Additionally, these lists can be used to share the information stored in Drive folders, ensuring everyone has access to the required documentation and therefore enriching the planning and execution of business projects.

How can you generate them? 

Once the different distribution lists to be used by the company have been defined, the next step is to generate them. This process is considerably simplified using ToogleBox's Dynamic Group Management functionality since the generation process is automated.

Instead of using Google Groups to create the distribution lists, ToogleBox allows you to select grouping parameters (up to three governing fields) and start a task that will automatically generate all the associated groups at the same time. Similarly, it is possible to add rules that limit the group members according to specific business needs. There is also the possibility of creating hierarchical groups including of all the subordinated employees to each boss, based on the organizational chart.


The good news is that ToogleBox Groups's maintenance is drastically facilitated when using Dynamic Group Management. Their creation takes only a few minutes and they will be updated every time the information on any end-user is modified.

Similarly, the speed and efficiency of this generation will allow the creation of new useful distribution lists that would otherwise have not been contemplated, therefore improving communication in the company.

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