Customer Testimonials

How did Grupo Automundo reduce the time spent doing their corporate signature?

Google Workspace allows end-users to configure their email signatures manually. However, when each user does it individually, signatures may end up very different, affecting the company's brand recognition.

Let's look at Grupo Automundo, a Mexican automotive company that distributes Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, Ram, Alfa Romeo, and Mitsubishi. The company had a problem with their signatures: a single person was in charge of designing and elaborating each employee’s signature, which represented an extremely inconvenient and time-consuming process.

For a company that operates with different agencies and various brands, designing different signatures for different audiences is of utmost importance. In addition, their business makes promotions that are constantly changing and should be updated in the signatures.

ToogleBox helped them to solve all these problems. In the words of Luis García, their Technology Manager: "We reduced the time spent preparing signatures from many days to just minutes, allowing us to adjust them based on the different brands and promotions continually.

In addition to the Signature Management service, Grupo Automundo began using another ToogleBox functionality: Internal Contacts Sync. According to Luis, salespeople change quite frequently, and we needed an effective process to clean up the contacts.

In the same way Grupo Automundo benefited from this feature, your company can take advantage of our signature management tool. Be sure to check out this video to learn more about this functionality!