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Have you tried our Data Control features yet?

ToogleBox Data Control is a functionality that allows Google Directory fields validation along with the possibility of defining different data access views for different ToogleBox Admins and even end-users.

Using Data Control, Admins can enforce data type validation and control which values are valid for specific fields, e.g., titles, store addresses, cost centers, departments, etc.  They can also define which fields are related to others and establish combined valid values for these paired fields. Not all ToogleBox Admin users must have full access to view and update all end-user attributes. With ToogleBox, you can define different views for different Admins depending on their data access roles in the company.

Furthermore, end-users can update certain personal information in the Google Directory without an intermediary, freeing IT and HR resources from this task. Home addresses, last names, and mobile phone numbers are typical examples.

Improved data quality leads to better decision-making across an organization. Automating a data quality control system will reduce the time needed to maintain high-quality data.