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eSource acquires Daxos, a boutique software development company

We are very pleased to announce that eSource Capital Group (“eSource”), our parent company, has acquired a controlling interest in Daxos, a Cloud solutions software development company focused on Digital Transformation Acceleration. Daxos specializes in providing customized software development solutions and leveraging its expertise in Google, AWS, and Azure Clouds.


eSource Capital Group, with coverage in over 20 countries, has 15 years of experience helping thousands of organizations making the transition to the Cloud. Through this acquisition, the group can substantially enlarge its cloud technology offerings for enterprise buyers by creating connectors, applications, middlewares, and add-ons based on cloud microservices and APIs.


eSource believes cloud-based technologies can help businesses of all sizes. That's why they have grown to include companies that represent the leading suppliers of Cloud services: Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, GCP, and now a software and app development company. eSource envisions Daxos acquisition as another step in achieving its growth objectives and staying positioned as an expert in Cloud computing.