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Education is Key! You know it, ToogleBox knows it too!

Google Workspace for Education has become an essential platform in educators' and students' lives, providing them the foundation for learning, collaborating, and communicating. Google Workspace can be complemented with ToogleBox, a platform made up of several tools that enhance these functionalities, helping educational institutions improve their communication skills and strengthen their email security.

Every year, students graduate from schools, colleges, or universities, and staff members occasionally leave the institution. Even after suspending those accounts, their email addresses will continue to appear as suggested recipients when composing an email. ToogleBox allows to quickly delete all those contacts in everybody's address books, avoiding them to reappear as suggested recipients. 

Academic institutions are always trying to improve their communication between students and staff. This can be achieved using Distribution Lists. With ToogleBox, these lists are automatically generated and updated. The grouping field can be either a regular field or a custom attribute from the Google Workspace user profile. Educational institutions can create groups for academic clubs, non-academic clubs, or graduation classes. When using ToogleBox Dynamic Groups, every student will receive, for example,  all its club notifications and the correct permissions to access the related club documentation stored on Drive folders.

Additionally, when speaking about destructive behaviors, online bullying cases between students, teachers, or both can be detected. ToogleBox has search and deletion features to eliminate those harmful emails, helping institutions implement practices against bullying, hate speech, and social exclusion. Besides bullying, Email Damage Control can be used when having a phishing attack or any other type of harmful email inside the domain

Likewise, ToogleBox allows end-users to recover their own emails using our "real undo" functionality or Recall. Suppose a teacher sends an email with confidential information to the entire class. This mistake can be corrected using the Recall feature. 

An essential aspect of the institution's communication is ensuring everybody receives the correct information at the right time. This can be achieved by delivering short and concrete messages regularly with ToogleBoard. These notes can be posted either to everybody or to selected groups of users within the domain. For instance, the principal may use it to inform teachers about upcoming deadlines or meetings.

At last, we would like to address the importance of institutional image. With ToogleBox, the school can centralize and standardize its email signature to reinforce the educational goals and philosophy. Some critical elements to be included on the signature are the school motto, the school's website, and social media accounts. Others can be included as needed, such as banners to promote important events: Registration Period, future lectures, or sports events.

ToogleBox is the right tool to enhance Google Workspace for Education functionalities. We have special pricing for Education. Don't miss the opportunity; try it NOW!