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Data Control

Data control, privacy, and security have become critical issues for Cloud Computing. The industry is now controlled by different regulations that set guidelines to protect the collection and processing of company and customer data.

Data Control is the process of managing and governing the data. Implementing suitable data control measures ensures the company validates the accuracy, consistency, and logical correspondence of the user’s profile data, which is critical to protect one of the most valuable company's assets. 

Gaining control over the data is a challenge for most organizations. It involves both data validation and security. The first is needed to ensure that the user's information is clean, correct, and valuable. The second allows having visibility and control over all access to the data.

Being aware of this enormous challenge, ToogleBox is currently developing a new functionality called Data Control. It validates the user profile data’s correctness and completeness to ensure reliability, consistency, and accuracy.

This new feature will ease creating new accounts. It will offer the option to establish relationships between the fields, allowing the possibility to populate those fields automatically,  based on rules previously established. It will also analyze the current data to identify errors and update specific fields with valid values when needed.

Improved data quality leads to better decision-making across an organization. By implementing a data quality infrastructure, organizations can spread confidence throughout the company, allowing everyone to feel secure in the insights derived from the data. Automating a data quality infrastructure will further reduce the time needed to maintain high-quality data.