The Challenge and Its Implications

Using a centralized tool to validate and correct outdated or incorrect employee information

Misdirected communication

Inaccurate employee information can lead to miscommunication. Messages intended for a specific employee may reach the wrong person, causing confusion and potentially affecting workflow and decision-making.

Confidentiality breaches

Incorrect access permissions due to inaccurate employee roles or positions can result in breaches of confidentiality. Sensitive information may be shared with individuals who should not have access, risking data security and privacy.
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Inefficient decision-making

Inaccurate employee information can result in decisions based on flawed or outdated data. This can lead to inefficient allocation of resources, inadequate workforce planning, and ineffective decision-making

Reduced trust and confidence

Employees may lose trust in the organization's ability to manage their information accurately. This can affect their confidence in the organization, potentially impacting morale and engagement.
Possible Solutions

No solution for Super Admins

Google Workspace does not allow validating data types and valid values in fields from the Google Admin Console. The Super Admin can't manually implement these restrictions.

Google Apps Script

An alternative solution involves developing a custom solution using Google Apps Scripts, which implies a complex development. However, using Google Apps Script has its downsides. Managing and securing scripts can be quite challenging, often deviating from standard coding practices. Additionally, they lack inherent alerting and reporting mechanisms, necessitating vigilant monitoring to adapt to changes in Google APIs when needed.

Optimal solution: ToogleBox

ToogleBox guarantees employee data quality within the Google profiles by enforcing rules to validate the correct values in fields and the correct combination of values for related fields. Implementing suitable data control measures ensures the company validates the accuracy, consistency, and logical correspondence of the user’s profile data, which is critical to protecting one of the most valuable company's assets.
Success Story

A rapidly expanding financial firm addressed the challenges of outdated employee data through a two-phase initiative launched by the Human Resources department. The first phase involved establishing valid values for all possible combinations of branch and address fields, eliminating the risk of transcription errors. The second phase provided employees with control over their data, enabling them to review and update certain fields using Data Access in ToogleBox. Following the establishment of clear data guidelines and a brief orientation, all records were accurately updated within a swift and efficient one-week period.

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