The Challenge and Its Implications

Preventing outdated contacts from appearing as suggested recipients


Wasted time and effort

Emailing outdated or incorrect contacts leads to unnecessary follow-ups, corrections, and re-sending emails, causing inefficiencies.

Reduced productivity

Dealing with outdated contacts reduces email composition, diminishing overall productivity and communication efficiency.

Ineffective communication

Relying on outdated contacts over time hinders an effective communication strategy, impeding timely and accurate communication.
Possible Solutions

Manual contact removal

Employees should manually review and remove outdated contacts from their Contacts app. However, this manual process is challenging to enforce uniformly across all employees and may lead to incomplete deletions, resulting in unclean Address Books.

Google Apps Script

Developing a custom solution using Google Apps Script has several drawbacks. Scripts can be challenging to manage and secure, often lacking the coding standards typically followed by developers. They also lack built-in alerting and reporting mechanisms, requiring vigilant monitoring to adapt to changes in Google APIs when necessary.

Optimal solution: ToogleBox

ToogleBox presents an optimal approach to maintaining up-to-date address books. The solution automates the process of deleting contacts associated with former employees and updating renamed or reassigned accounts. This automation ensures that users' address books stay in sync with the Google Workspace Directory, enhancing communication efficiency by providing a reliable contact management service.
Success Story

Employees from a renowned retail company dealt with the issue of having numerous outdated contacts, including former employees, obsolete generic accounts, and non-existent groups. To tackle this challenge, they used the ToogleBox internal contact sync feature to identify and remove all outdated contacts accumulated over a decade. With a simple task execution, they successfully purged 140,000 contacts from their employees' address books, improving internal communication and saving time during email composition.

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