The Challenge and Its Implications

Establishing a standardized email signature among all employees

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A standardized email signature is a simple way to make your email communication more professional. It shows that you are organized and take pride in your work.

Brand inconsistency

A standardized email signature effectively promotes your company's brand, presenting a cohesive and favorable image.

Omission of important
contact information

Without a standardized signature, it is more likely that employees will forget to include important information in their emails.
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Recipient confusion

Having different email signatures can confuse recipients, making it challenging to identify and contact the sender.

Legal issues

Email signatures can sometimes be legal proof of identity or intent. Without standardized signatures, establishing the legitimacy of email communications can become more complex.

Emails filtered as spam

Inadequate email signatures may trigger spam filters, causing emails from your employees to be flagged and redirected to recipients' spam folders.
Possible Solutions

Manual JPG or PNG image

Manually creating and distributing a personalized JPG or PNG image for each employee. This approach comes with several drawbacks: it consumes a significant amount of time; it requires redesigning whenever there are updates to an employee's information; and, regrettably, the recipients are unable to copy and paste the contact information from the signature.

Google Apps Script

Creating a custom solution with Google Apps Script, which has several drawbacks. Scripts can be challenging to manage and secure, often needing more coding standards typically followed by developers. They also lack built-in alerting and reporting mechanisms, requiring vigilant monitoring to adapt to changes in Google APIs when necessary.

Third-Party Apps

Using third-party applications available in the market to centralize the implementation of the email signature. These applications usually are limited to email signatures and are higher-cost solutions.

Optimal solution: ToogleBox

ToogleBox allows designing standardized email signatures by creating templates with all the desired contact and company information. These templates are automatically enforced daily across the organization so all email users’ contact information is managed and synced with the Google Directory. Different signatures can be applied to other groups of employees.
Success Story

In a multi-brand auto dealership, diverse vehicle sales and changing promotions create a challenge for personalized email signatures. ToogleBox solves this by allowing custom signature templates for sales reps, adapting to evolving campaigns.

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