The Challenge and Its Implications

Implementing a tool to effectively delete malicious or dangerous emails

Security breaches

The company remains vulnerable to security breaches without a tool to identify and delete malicious emails that may contain malware, phishing attempts, or other harmful elements

Data loss or theft

Attackers sending malicious emails could gain unauthorized access to the company's confidential information, causing severe damage to the company's operations, reputation, and compliance with data protection laws.

Legal and regulatory consequences

Failure to effectively handle malicious emails could result in non-compliance with industry-specific regulations or legal requirements for data protection and cybersecurity.

Reputation damage

A successful cyber-attack can tarnish the company's reputation. Clients, partners, and stakeholders may lose trust in your company, leading to a loss of business, reduced client retention, and decreased competitiveness in the market.
Possible Solutions

Warning message

When the Super Admin identifies a malicious email, they can send a warning message to all employees, requesting them to disregard the email. Additionally, human resources can utilize internal messaging tools to address the issue. The challenge with this approach is that it can't ensure every employee will read the email, follow the instructions, and avoid falling victim to a phishing attack. Furthermore, if inappropriate content is sent, it may lead to other internal issues.

Training to identify malicious emails

An alternative approach could involve providing employees with training on how to identify malicious emails and fostering assertive communication to prevent offensive content. However, this isn't a conclusive solution since training, even though beneficial, cannot be automatically enforced.

Google Apps Script

Creating a custom solution with Google Apps Script has several drawbacks. Scripts can be challenging to manage and secure, often needing more coding standards typically followed by developers. They also lack built-in alerting and reporting mechanisms, requiring vigilant monitoring to adapt to changes in Google APIs when necessary.

Optimal solution: ToogleBox

ToogleBox has an easy-to-use and unique functionality that enables authorized admins to detect and react to malicious emails, performing domain-wide searches to effectively delete them, mitigating potential data and compliance breaches.
Success Story

Employees at a leading pharmaceutical company received an email instructing them to update their personal information using a link, promising future discounts on medicine purchases. Fortunately, the Super Admin recognized this as a phishing attack and swiftly removed the emails company-wide. This immediate action averted potential data breaches and security issues.

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