The Challenge and its Implications

Using an effective tool to inspect email content when performing electronic investigations

Inadequate data collection

Investigators may miss crucial information relevant to the investigation without an effective e-discovery tool. This can result in incomplete findings and potentially overlooking key evidence.

Potential legal and
compliance risks

Failing to identify and address non-compliance or legal violations in email content can expose the organization to legal and regulatory risks
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Reduced efficiency

The lack of automation can cause inefficiencies and limit the ability to quickly respond to audit or investigation needs, impacting the timeliness of decision-making

Data privacy and security concerns

Manual email content inspection may raise data privacy and security concerns, particularly if sensitive information is mishandled or exposed during the process.
Possible Solutions

No solution for Super Admins

There is currently no available method for Super Admins to manually review the content of emails for other end-users, seriously obstructing the audit process and resulting in undesirable outcomes.

Google Vault

An alternative solution involves using Google Vault, a separate service offering eDiscovery and archiving capabilities. However, it's important to note that Vault is provided exclusively in the Business Plus and Enterprise SKUs of Google Workspace and requires additional purchases for users in other plans.

Optimal solution: ToogleBox

ToogleBox optimizes user provisioning through automation, simplifying the process. Upon creating a new account, their email signature is immediately applied, they are effortlessly added to relevant mailing lists, and they promptly access all vital information for their role, including comprehensive company details. Moreover, during employee deprovisioning, ToogleBox ensures secure archiving of email account information in the cloud.
Success Story

In a construction firm with high employee turnover, a systematic protocol was implement to manage employee accounts. Upon an employee's departure, its account was promptly suspended and deleted, preventing unauthorized access. To enhance operational efficiency, the company adopted a proactive workflow, conducting monthly email searches for all employees involved in construction material procurement. This approach played a pivotal role in gathering vital evidence to tackle a corruption problem linked to a former employee. Remarkably, the investigation commenced two months after the employee's departure, a time when the information was no longer accessible in Google Workspace but remained readily available in ToogleBox.

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