General Information

  • What is ToogleBox?

    ToogleBox is a set of tools that improve G Suite functionalities. It lets you take corrective actions once you identify nocive emails inside your organization; audit and delete contacts on your domain; recall sent emails; apply a corporate signature or publish institutional communications.

  • Why did the name of the service change?

    Forigotron was a good name for the initial limited service: a tool for deleting unwanted emails (Forigo = Esperanto for deletion). Over time, more functionalities were added and It became much more than a deletion tool. Since it is a set of tools devoted to Google, we deemed ToogleBox to be a better name.

  • How can I buy this service?

    If you are interested in buying ToogleBox, visit our website at www.tooglebox.com and pay with PayPal or contact us at contact@tooglebox.com if you prefer another payment method.

  • Can I use the service in my Gmail account?

    Our service is not intended for regular Gmail accounts. It is a service for G Suite only. G Suite is the business-grade version of Gmail.

  • How do I install ToogleBox?

    If you are a Superadmin install Forigotron from the G Suite Marketplace.

  • What are the benefits of this product?

    - Search or track an email on your domain; detect external instances
    - Delete every instance of an email inside your domain; detect external instances
    - Audit contacts containing a target email address within the domain
    - Remove a target email address within the domain
    - Enforce a corporate signature on your domain
    - Allow ordinary users to recall their email (delete email copies in their recipients' mailboxes) on their own. No need to ask an administrator for help.
    - Easily review and update end user accounts information
    - Easily review and update shared contacts  information

Search/Track/Delete emails

  • How do I get the Message-Id from an email?

    To obtain this code you must follow this steps:

    1. Open the email message you want to track or delete
    2. Click the down-arrow adjacent to the "Reply" button at the top right of the message window
    3. Click on Show original.
    4. In the message header, find this text: "Message-Id:". The Message-Id is the full text enclosed in <>.
    5. Select the entire text enclosed and copy it.
    6. Paste the the Message-Id

  • Is there any other way to obtain the Message-Id?

    Yes. The Superadmin can use a function available in the administrative console to identify the Message Id.  On the Admin Panel,  select  "Reports" and then "Email Log Search".  Depending on the criteria you select, you will get the required Message Ids associated with your search criteria.

  • Who is authorized to recon/track/delete emails on my domain?

    This task is originally assigned to the Superadmin. Subsequently, the Superadmin can add other relevant users, giving them different privileges (being able only to recon/track, or to search/track/delete).

  • Is it possible to know if someone on my domain is sending emails to a specific external domain?

    ToogleBox allows you to track specific messages and to audit the accounts of users who received that particular message . When this task is executed, the report shows all internal users who received the mail, as well as the external users, including the email addresses of those users.

  • Is it possible to delete emails that were sent to external domains?

    No, ToogleBox only deletes internal emails within the chosen domain. However, you can identify if an email was sent to external domains and know the specific email address to whom it was sent. Furthermore, when the deletion task is activated, it checks all the accounts selected and deletes all instances of the target email under all system labels (Inbox, Sent mail, Drafts, Spam, Trash).

  • When should I use the Search email service?

    The Search email service finds emails through a powerful and specialized search tool based on Subject, Sender, Recipients, specific words or phrases, attachments and date range. It is used to identify the candidate emails to be deleted.

Recall - End Users

  • How can I activate the Recall service?

    The Superadmin activates the Recall service on the ToogleBox Configuration Panel. Once the service is active, the Superadmin needs to define the following settings:

    - Choose the maximum send-recall time lag (latency).
    - Configure reach and limits of the recall action.
    - Allow or disallow users to recall even already-read emails.
    - When the Superadmin configures the service, every user will receive an email notifying that the service is available and needs to be activated.

    When the final user confirms, the Recall Button will appear just below each sent email. They will be able to recall their emails without asking the Superadmin for help.  Every time a user activates a recall, they will receive an email with the results of the task.

  • When can the final users start using the Recall service?

    First, the Superadmin must activate and configure the service. After it is activated, the Recall Add-on will appear on the side menu when selecting an email and they can start recalling their emails by themselves.

  • Can I recall an email sent outside my domain?

    It is technically impossible (and illegal for that matter) to delete an email once it has been delivered to an external email server. Our service works only within a G Suite domain.

  • Can an email be deleted once it was sent outside my domain?

    It is technically impossible (and illegal for that matter) to delete an email once it has been delivered to an external email server. Our service works only within a G Suite domain.

  • What is the difference between "Domain-limited Recall" and "Superadmin-limited Recall"?

    ToogleBox allows you to track specific messages and to audit the accounts of users who received that particular message . When this task is executed, the report shows all internal users who received the mail, as well as the external users, including the email addresses of those users.

Search/Delete Contacts

  • In a contact deletion, when should I remove the address and when should I delete the contact?

    You must select the option "Remove Address" to clear the business email address field, keeping the rest of the  information related to the contact (telephone, address, personal email).  But if you want to completely delete the contact from the directory and the data associated with it, then you should select "Delete Contact".

  • Once I receive the .csv file with the result of the task, how I can see the details of all contacts associated with each
    user reported?

    You can choose to open the attached file from the executed task email with Google Sheets, which will allow you to see the details of every contact from the report, in each row.

  • Is it possible to enter a contact list in a search to only perform one ToogleBox task?

    No, ToogleBox only allows two types of searches: you can audit a specific email address or you can audit all email addresses belonging to a specific domain.

  • Is it possible to make a search containing all contacts associated with only a portion of a particular address? (e.g. sales@domain.com)

    ToogleBox allows you to make a search containing all contacts associated with only a portion of a particular address, by unchecking the option "Match exact address only". The task result will show you results such as "pre-sales@domain.com" and "sales@domain.com". If you want to identify only those contacts that exactly match the search criteria, you should check that option.

Signature Management

  • Is it possible to create a generic signature for an entire domain, except for a specific number of users with different characteristics?

    For users with different characteristics, you should create a different signature and add the individual accounts of those specific users. You can also assign a signature to a complete Organizational Unit. Organizational Units are managed in the Google Admin console.

    Note: When a signature is created for an entire domain, this signature won't apply to users with assigned individual or Organizational Unit signature.

  • What if a user changes his signature manually?

    Google APIs don’t allow to lock the manual changes of the signature. Users will always be able to modify their signature. However, with the daily execution of the corporate signature, any changes made by the user will be replaced with the signature designed in ToogleBox.

  • Where are the values of the variables included in the signature obtained?

    These values are defined by Google’s user profile. It is important to update the user data so it can be shown properly in the signature. There’s two ways to modify data using the End Users Info Update service:

    - For a massive update you download a file with all user accounts of the domain, then make all necessary changes in the spreadsheet. Once you finish making changes, upload the file.

    - Edit each account information individually without using files, through a single-screen user account update dialog.

  • How I can verify that the employee's data is properly updated?

    Through the End Users Info Update service you can download a .CSV file with all user account information, update it with Human Resources Department centralized data, and then upload it.

  • Why can’t I see my images in the signature?

    Probably the images you are using are not visible outside its domain. We suggest two solutions: 1) Upload the images through ToogleBox instead of using an external link. 2) Check the permissions on the folders where these images are. In order to see a user’s profile picture in a signature, Google+ service must be enabled in that user’s account.

  • Is the signature applied to mobile devices?

    Signatures on mobile devices don't allow using HTML code, or images, just plain text. The signature service applies exclusively to the G Suite web platform.

  • Is it possible to use different fonts than the ones available in the ToogleBox Signature Editor?

    Google only allows to use secure fonts in signatures, approved by web standards, which are universal and accesible from any computer. That is the reason why the ToogleBox Signature Editor does not allow to upload other fonts from external files or links. Google imposes these restrictions exist to avoid XSS, Cross-site scripting. XSS is a type of computer security vulnerability that can be found in web applications. XSS allows attackers to inject malicious scripts.

Bulletin Board - ToogleBoard

  • Are the Bulletin Board notes visible to people outside my domain?

    No, the messages published on the Bulletin Board are only visible for users inside the domain. In fact, ToogleBoard should only be used to post institutional communications that should be known by all employees, or by a specific organizational unit.

  • Is it possible to purchase only the ToogleBoard service?

    Yes, ToogleBox allows organizations to choose which service they want to activate. Once a service is activated, the domain’s Superadmin could also limit the use to specific Organizational Units.

  • Is it possible to assign the task of publishing notes to a specific person within the organization?

    Yes, the domain’s Superadmin can select one or more users to manage note posting through the Configuration Panel simply by adding the user’s email address and selecting the Bulletin Board role.

  • Could a person choose not to continue watching a note on ToogleBoard?

    The current version of ToogleBoard does not allow it. The message will continue to appear during the period of time that it was scheduled. However, we are considering to add this option to our Roadmap.

  • If two people scheduled different ToogleBoard notes for the same day, at the same time, what message will be published?

    The ToogleBoard App allows publishing multiple simultaneous messages. If two people scheduled different  notes for the same day, at the same time, both notes will be published on the available space, one above the other.

  • Is tToogleBoard compatible with Outlook?

    No, ToogleBoard and the rest of the ToogleBox services are exclusive to G Suite web platform.

  • Are the notes published on ToogleBoard visible on mobile devices?

    Yes, the notes can be seen on mobile devices, using the add-on version or the mobile App.

Accounts Update/Shared Contacts

  • What are Shared Contacts?

    It is a contact list (names and email addresses) of a domain, which are shared with all users. By default, the G Suite Directory includes the primary email address of each user and their email aliases. A super admin can control which of these email addresses appear in the directory through the Shared Contacts module within the ToogleBox Configuration Panel.

  • How to enable contact sharing?

    In order to enable this feature in the G Suite Console you should follow these steps:

    a. In the ADMIN Console
    b. Select Applications> G Suite> Contacts> Advanced Settings
    c. Enable contact sharing
    d. Do not select the Show Only Domain profiles

    Changes may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

  • How to prevent the name of an ex-employee from appearing when a user's account is reassigned?

    When re-assigning a user's account it is necessary to clean contacts, following the following steps:

    a. Enter Services > Audit/clean up contacts
    b. In Step 1, select the domain
    c. In Step 2, write the account to be reassigned
    d. Execute the process by pressing CLEANUP > Delete all contacts containing the target email address

  • What are the advantages of bulk update using ToogleBox vs using G Suite Administrative Console?

    The main benefits are:
    - Allows mass update of organizational units (in Google you have to do it one by one)
    - Allows data download even when you have reached the limit of users in the domain.

  • How can I delete multiple contacts whose addresses do not exist?

    You can do it using the former user contact purge service. This feature keeps address books free of internal contact addresses that do not exist. It deletes contacts corresponding to former user addresses and nonexistent groups. The purge has no effect on external contacts. Groups are untouched either, even it they contain inexistent addresses.


  • Can you add multiple domains to one ToogleBox Configuration Panel?

    The ToogleBox Configuration Panel is reserved for domain Superadmins. A Superadmin of multiple domains can display them all in one configuration panel and add users with permissions for each of these.

  • Can you set different privileges for different users?

    The Superadmin can enable, disable or change the permissions of any user created. Users can have the following permissions or privileges:

    - Recon / Track / Audit
    - Delete / Clean
    - Informed user
    - Design Signature
    - Enforce Signature
    - Design Bulletin Board
    - Publish Bulletin Board

  • What is the function of the "informed user"?

    A user registered in ToogleBox as an "informed user" receives updates and results after the  each task in the selected domain is completed. In addition, this type of user can always see the tasks executed through task history panel.

  • In a multidomain environment, is it possible to activate ToogleBox only for certain subdomains?

    Yes, when you have multi domain environments, the administrator should add each subdomain. If you want to activate only some domains then you have to enter only those selected subdomains in the ToogleBox Configuration Panel.

  • Is it possible to completely disable some features in specific organizational units?

    Yes, our Configuration Panel handles this concept in granular form, that is, separately for each service and each organizational unit. The Configuration Panel displays an array of all active / inactive services.

  • Who has the privilege to include more users for specific services?

    The Superadmin is the only user that can register more users to use any service. ToogleBox services are managed exclusively by the Superadmin but, by their nature, these services must have full permissions and access to all accounts in your G Suite domain.


  • What are the payment options?

    You can buy ToogleBox using the following options:
    1. Online, using our Paypal service
    2. Through direct wire transfers, after approving a commercial proposal

  • What is the price for .edu, education, schools, universities?

    If you have G Suite for Education, you can have the special $2 price. The application should be bought for all the users on your .edu domain.

  • What is the price for .NGO or non profit organizations?

    If you are a an NGO or non-profit organization, you have the special $2 price. The application should be bought for all the users on your domain.

  • How do we get the special $2 price for education if our domain does not have the .edu TLD?

    If your organization is using G Suite for Education, regardless of the TLD of your domain, you will have the special $2 price.  In order to get it,  you need to contact us to verify the domain is actually using G Suite for Education. Since this is a manual process, you will not be able to pay online. Instead, you will receive a proposal and will pay us through wire transfer, once it is approved.

  • How can I buy this service?

    Please install ToogleBox first.  After activating it, you can either buy it online using our Paypal service, or write us to sales@tooglebox.com to be contacted by one of our representatives and get a commercial proposal.

  • Is it possible to buy ToogleBox for partial domains?

    ToogleBox was conceived and designed to perform all its search capabilities across the whole domain, in order to obtain the expected results when a Damage Control task is executed.

    Nonetheless, the services can be purchased only for specific organizational units, even though we do not recommend it. If your company is interested in buying ToogleBox only for some OUs,  contact us via contact@tooglebox.com.

  • Is it possible to buy only some functionalities of  ToogleBox ?

    Yes. Your company can decide which services they want to buy and activate. Furthermore, if necessary, the Superadmin can limit the use of specific services by Organizational Unit.

  • What are the prices for ToogleBox?

    There are different prices for ToogleBox. For education and non-profit the price is $2 per user per year. For businesses and government it is $8 per user per year. You can also create Bundles with limited services for $4 per user per year.

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